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Monday, February 16, 2009

On My Way

Wednesday Feb 11th- Car Packed ;) traveling begins...

It was a pretty great day for traveling. Sunny and warm, with maybe a little more wind than ideal. But a little more wind just makes everything feel a little more alive I suppose. Leaving DC toward Richmond, even in the middle of the work day, I wasn't surprised to hit a little traffic. And thanks to Claire, Kelly, Erin, and Cole I have a pretty good collection of road trip music to listen to. The kind of playlists that without even knowing it make me break into song. But the real moment of knowing I was on my way came after lunch with Dwayne in Richmond.

I found Dwayne, my friend and former youth director, hard at work in his office. He gave me a long list of choices for lunch, but when he mentioned he hadn't tried this Indian place I thought we should try it together. As we drove up I recognized the name and realized I was about to eat in a restaurant I have heard many stories about. Becca had spent the summer as a waitress at the restaurant and giving me anecdotes on the owners. The coincidence was profound to me at the time, as my dear godsister is off in India and I like connections to people I love. Dwayne and I had a wonderful time catching up and after all the hectic running around that happened before I left, it was a good way to calm down. As we were saying goodbye in the parking lot, he commented on how I had grown since high school and my comfort level with myself. I agreed with him whole heartily. Got into the car. Found the highway. And was on my way.

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