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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"I had the feeling I could be someone"

Newport News, VA. Feb 11th-14th

Someone asked me if I was nervous about going on a road trip by myself. I explained I am visiting people throughout the trip, so it feels like I am going home to an extent. While I really dislike being farther away from some people and having to drive away- driving toward great people is a very good distraction. That and the excitement factor of the adventure I have embarked on and seeing the country.

Well the first stop especially felt like going home, because I went to stay with two of my best friends for a few days. I had purposely built in a few days so I could decompress and rest some before the real days of driving started. But April and Amanda are the best kind of friends, because you can get up and do something crazy or you can spend hours on a couch or at a coffee shop relaxing and talking. In fact I think I could have easily spent another week there, especially if we got smoothies everyday. Also I have been adopted by the roommates Lisa and Ev- so it was really one big party, especially due to the lovely cat and two dogs... pets please!

On top of hanging out, Amanda and Ev also took me to the beach so I could put my toes in the Atlantic. Thus officially starting the cross country aspect of the trip. The wind was a bit fierce but for the middle of winter or even early spring it was spectacular. Also I wish I could have Amanda DJ for me across the entire country.

"You got a fast car
I want a ticket to anywhere
Maybe we make a deal
Maybe together we can get somewhere

Any place is better
Starting from zero got nothing to lose
Maybe we'll make something
But me myself I got nothing to prove

And I had a feeling that I belonged
And I had a feeling I could be someone, be someone, be someone" -Tracy Chapman

I also took an amazing detour to Williamsburg to visit my friend William (wil yum). I insisted on going into Colonial Williamsburg as soon as I got there to see if I could get to the Colonial Bakery for some Sally Lunn Bread before it closed. (which became a favorite from spending spring breaks in CW with the Brenneis' as a kid-- "Nottingham Ale" Bec) But of course I got distracted by the light (for taking photos) and catching up and we arrived 7 minutes too late... On the walk however a friend from middle school was running with some guys and when he saw me ran back and gave me a hug. You never know who you will see on a road trip- but Matt Dinan was a good treat. William and I met all the animals that were out and then jumped a fence to get into the grounds of the governors mansion. It turns out they didn't really want us there... but it was a very good time and appropriate as William is one of my favorite outdoor adventuring friends. We also went to a murder mystery dinner at William Mary with some of William's friends- and I feel like I am learning more about college life in different places.

Also of note was the black out at the girls apartment and eating taco bell over candle light and the LCD wind-up flash light/radio/ cell phone charger from my incredibly prepared car. The next night was followed by incredible laughs over beer, pizza, and of course a table full of valentines cards from 1992 that we had to laugh over and sort. It was one of those classic moments that I will remember my friends expressions as they laughed.

In the tradition started by Cole and the blue house in Columbia Heights where I lived last semester, I made brunch on Sat. morning. Also because I love french toast, it was Valentines Day, and I wanted to cook for Amanda, April, Ev, and Lisa.

I think I could have stayed a few more days as there was plenty more to talk about, but that is also the beauty of best friends. Soon I will update on the fun of driving in VA and NC.

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  1. Hi Hannah! I am so excited about this blog and you ended up with a great name! I like the count you have running on the side. Hope that you are having fun out in the wilds of the US of A. I'll keep reading if you keep writing :)